MIL-DTL-12276 Varnish, Phenolic, Baking


This specification covers three types of heat hardening phenolic varnishes suitable for use as a coating for cartridge cases and as a lining for munitions and other containers. This document also provides for an additional composition suitable for use under Air Pollution regulations.

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Note: please refer to the appropriate technical performance specification, MIL-DTL-12276, and applicable technical documents under the MSDS/Documents Tab.


The varnish covered by this specification should be of the following compositions, types, and classes:

Type I – varnishes should be used on cartridge cases.

Class A – should be used for spray applications.
Class B – should be used for dip applications.

Type II – varnishes should be used in the lining of munitions and chemical containers.

Type III – varnishes should be used on cartridge cases under special conditions.

Class A –  should be used for spray applications.
Class B –  should be used for dip applications.
Class C –  should be used for roller, curtain or similar coating applications.



Composition G – varnish is for general use.
Composition L – varnish is for limited use and should be specified for use in areas where regulations controlling the emission of solvents into the atmosphere are enforced.


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