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  • This MIL-C-19853 specification covers requirements for the acquisition of two types and two classes of material that will remove or loosen carbon from components of internal combustion engines and compressor sections of jet engines. This specification is canceled. Superseded by SAE-AMS-C-19853.

  • This MIL-C-25107 specification covers one type and grade of engine carbon remover for use in conveyorized and overhaul cleaning systems at Air Force depots.

  • P-C-111 Carbon Removing Compound

    This P-C-111 specification covers one grade of a single phase type liquid carbon removing compound for soak tank use in softening and facilitating effective removal of carbon, gum, and other surface contaminants (except rust and corrosion) from items such as automotive pistons, carburetors, fuel pumps and engine assemblies precleaned with degreasing solvent.