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  • A-A-105 Polish, Metal, Brass

    This item description covers two types of combination commercial brass polishers/cleaners with tarnish preventative for use on brass and related alloys, copper, chrome, or nickel.

  • A-A-1270 Adhesive, Polyvinyl Acetate Emulsion, General Purpose

    This A-A-1270 commercial item description covers a nonflammable, nontoxic, water based polyvinyl acetate adhesive (also known as “white glue”), that dries clear to form strong bonds on almost all porous and semi-porous materials. This adhesive is for general office or household indoor use for bonding lightweight fabrics, paper, light wood or bookbinding.

  • A-A-1452 Lacquer (Spraying, Chemical Resistant)

    This description covers a one part, high gloss, air drying lacquer for coating aluminum metal surfaces in service around storage batteries, gasoline and lube oil exposures.

  • A-A-1546 Rubbing Varnish

    The rubbing varnish shall be a high gloss, clear, air-drying, oleoresinous varnish suitable for brushing or interior wood and metal furniture where a rubbed finish is desired.

  • A-A-1552 Primer Coating (Ferric Oxide, Aerosol)

    This description covers an aerosol primer for general purpose interior and exterior use on metal surfaces.

  • A-A-1572 Sealer, Surfaces (Sanding)

    This description covers a sanding sealer of the lacquer type which is suitable for spray application (conventional or airless) on wood furniture.

  • A-A-1632 Varnish, Asphalt

    The A-A-1632 description covers an asphalt varnish for utility purposes.

  • A-A-1788 Varnish, Oil: Interior

    This commercial item description describes a clear, satin or gloss, air-drying, interior, alkyd or modified alkyd varnish. It is suitable for brushing as is and spraying.

  • A-A-1800 Varnish, Oil: Spar

    This specification is for an oil-based varnish: spar.

  • A-A-1936 Adhesives, Contact, Neoprene Rubber

    This A-A-1936 commercial item description covers three types of neoprene adhesive suitable for contact bonding of many materials such as leather, wood, fabrics, unglazed ceramics, wall boards and carpet to each other. It may be used to bond plastic decorative laminates to wood and metal surfaces. This glue/adhesive for neoprene rubber is intended to be applied by brush or spray.

  • A-A-208 Ink, Marking, Stencil, Opaque (Porous And Non-Porous Surfaces)

    This commercial stencil ink item description covers four types of opaque ink for marking on porous and non-porous surfaces.

  • A-A-2246 Paint, Latex

    This description covers 5 types of glass latex paint for interior use as follows: Type I – High hiding white suitable for tinting to pastel shades Type II – Ready mixed colors Type III – Medium shade tint base Type IV – Deep tone tint base Type V – Ultra deep tone tint base.