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  • A-A-105 Polish, Metal, Brass

    This item description covers two types of combination commercial brass polishers/cleaners with tarnish preventative for use on brass and related alloys, copper, chrome, or nickel.

  • A-A-1270 Adhesive, Polyvinyl Acetate Emulsion, General Purpose

    This commercial item description covers a nonflammable, nontoxic, water based polyvinyl acetate adhesive (also known as “white glue”), that dries clear to form strong bonds on almost all porous and semi-porous materials. This adhesive is for general office or household indoor use for bonding lightweight fabrics, paper, light wood or bookbinding.

  • A-A-1452 Lacquer (Spraying, Chemical Resistant)

    This description covers a one part, high gloss, air drying lacquer for coating aluminum metal surfaces in service around storage batteries, gasoline and lube oil exposures.

  • A-A-1546 Rubbing Varnish

    The rubbing varnish shall be a high gloss, clear, air-drying, oleoresinous varnish suitable for brushing or interior wood and metal furniture where a rubbed finish is desired.

  • A-A-1552 Primer Coating (Ferric Oxide, Aerosol)

    This description covers an aerosol primer for general purpose interior and exterior use on metal surfaces.

  • A-A-1572 Sealer, Surfaces (Sanding)

    This description covers a sanding sealer of the lacquer type which is suitable for spray application (conventional or airless) on wood furniture.

  • A-A-1632 Varnish, Asphalt

    This description covers an ashpalt varnish for utility purposes.

  • A-A-1788 Varnish, Oil: Interior

    This commercial item description describes a clear, satin or gloss, air-drying, interior, alkyd or modified alkyd varnish. It is suitable for brushing as is and spraying.

  • A-A-1800 Varnish, Oil: Spar

    This specification is for a varnish, oil: spar.

  • A-A-1936 Adhesives, Contact, Neoprene Rubber

    This commercial item description covers three types of neoprene adhesive suitable for contact bonding of many materials such as leather, wood, fabrics, unglazed ceramics, wall boards and carpet to each other. It may be used to bond plastic decorative laminates to wood and metal surfaces. This glue/adhesive for neoprene rubber is intended to be applied by brush or spray.

  • A-A-208 Ink, Marking, Stencil, Opaque (Porous And Non-Porous Surfaces)

    This commercial item description covers four types of opaque ink for marking on porous and non-porous surfaces.

  • A-A-2246 Paint, Latex

    This description covers 5 types of glass latex paint for interior use as follows: Type I – High hiding white suitable for tinting to pastel shades Type II – Ready mixed colors Type III – Medium shade tint base Type IV – Deep tone tint base Type V – Ultra deep tone tint base.

  • A-A-2335 Sealer, Surface (Varnish Type, Wood & Cork Floors)

    The sealer shall not contain skins or gels and shall be suitable for application by bristle brush or lamb’s wool.

  • A-A-2336 Primer Coating (Alkyd, Exterior Wood, White and Tints)

    This commercial item description covers one type of pigmented exterior alkyd primer coating having a maximum Volatile Organic Compound Content of 250 grams per liter. This primer is intended for use over wood.

  • A-A-267 Deodorant, General Purpose (Aerosol Air Freshener)

    This commercial item description covers an aerosol air freshener to counteract malodors in occupied indoor areas such as public buildings and aircraft.

  • A-A-2786 Primer Coating (Aerosol, Lead and Chromate Free)

  • A-A-2787 Enamel, (Aerosol (Low VOC)

    This description covers two types of aerosol enamel coatings meeting National Volatile Organic Compound Emission Standards for Aerosol coatings, 40 CFR 59, Subpart E. The aerosol enamel shall be furnished in nominal 475 mL (1-pint) commercial pressurized dispensers with cover caps protecting the valves. The enamel shall be dispersible by hand shaking for 1 minute at room temperature. The valve shall operate with moderate finger pressure and close immediately upon release of pressure without sputtering. The spray shall be uniform and a smooth film shall be deposited. The can shall deliver a minimum of 98.0 percent by weight of contents.

  • A-A-2850 Coating Compound, Waterborne Polymeric (Interior, Wood)

    This description covers a low VOC clear waterborne polymeric coating in three gloss levels for application by brush or spray. The coating is intended for use as a topcoat on interior wood, but is not suitable for use on floors.

  • A-A-2886 Paint, Traffic, Solvent Based

    This Commercial Item Description covers a solvent based traffic paint suitable for application to traffic bearing surfaces such as Portland cement, concrete, bituminous pavement, and plain or vitrified brick surfaces of streets, highways, bridges, tunnels, runways and parking lots.

  • A-A-2904 Thinner, Paint, Mineral Spirits, Regular and Odorless

    The commercial item description covers three types of mineral spirits (volatile petroleum spirits) for use as solvent, cleaners, or thinners with coatings such as paints, primers, natural or synthetic enamels, and their vehicle component. This specification is canceled. Superseded by MIL-PRF-680.

  • A-A-2962 Enamel, Alkyd, Exterior, Solvent Based, Low VOC

    This description covers three gloss levels of lead and chromate free alkyd enamel for industrial maintenance coating on a wide range of metallic and non-metallic surfaces. Apply this solvent based enamel to surfaces that have been previously primed.  Two coats are recommended for durable outdoor and indoor service. The paint shall meet current Air Pollution Regulations of the Southern California Air Quality Management District, Rule 1113, Industrial Maintenance Coatings.

  • A-A-2985 Adhesive, Air-Cure, Silicone Rubber

    This Commercial Item Description covers a synthetic adhesive suitable for use in bonding silicone rubber to itself and to aluminum without the use of heat and pressure. The silicone rubber to aluminum glue may be either a one-part or a two-part adhesive.

  • A-A-2994 Primer Coating, Interior, for Walls and Wood

    This commercial item description covers two types of interior wall and wood trim primer. Both types are lead free, low VOC, and can be top coated with alkyd or latex paints. These coatings are intended for uncoated interior surfaces such as wood trim, sheet rock, particle board, and masonry.

  • A-A-3003 Lacquer, Spraying, Clear and Pigmented for Interior Use

    This description covers two types and classes of low vac, spray applied, clear and pigmented lacquer intended for interior use on properly prepared metal and plastic surfaces, and sealed wood surfaces.

  • A-A-3007 Thinner: for Phenol-Formaldehyde and Medium Oil and Styrenated Alkyd Paints and Varnishes

    This commercial item description covers paint thinners intended for reducing the viscosity of styrenated alkyd enamels and medium and long oil alkyd enamels. The thinner is also intended for reducing phenol-formaldehyde spar varnishes.

  • A-A-3053 Adhesive, Epoxy Resin Base, General Purpose

    This commercial item description covers two types of epoxy resin based general purpose adhesive. These adhesives are two part systems for use in non-structural bonding of metals, porcelain, ceramic, leather, wood and various porous and non-porous materials to themselves and each other.

  • A-A-3054 Paint: Heat Resisting (204 Deg. C)

    This commercial item description describes a one component, heat resisting paint for metal. This paint is for use over metal, primarily steel, and can withstand continuous operating temperatures of 204 Deg. C (400 Deg. F).

  • A-A-3058 Paint, Interior, Fire Retardant

    This commercial item description describes an interior, waterborne, Uniform Building Code (UBC) Class 1, fire retardant paint. This paint can be applied by brush, spray, or roller.

  • A-A-3097 Adhesives, Cyanoacrylate, Rapid Room Temperature-Curing, Solventless

    This commercial item description covers two types of solventless, room-temperature curing, cyanoacrylate A-A-3097 adhesives for use with or without an activator when speed of curing is a primary consideration. It also covers the activator which may be used to provide even faster curing and to enable the adhesives to bond to otherwise applications requiring one-component bonding of small, well-mated surfaces where heat and/or pressure cannot be applied.

  • A-A-3121 Paint, Rubber-Base: for Interior Use (Concrete and Masonry Floors)

    This commercial item description (CID) describes a ready-mixed, synthetic rubber-base paint for interior concrete and masonry floors.

  • A-A-3161 Primer Coating, Conditioner for Chalking Exterior Surfaces

    This commercial item description describes a one component, ready-mixed, penetrating primer for use on previously painted chalked porous substrates. The primer provides good intercoat adhesion between the chalked substrate and topcoat.

  • A-A-3164 Synthetic Lacquer, Camouflage, Exterior, VOC Complaint

    This description covers a lusterless (flat) and semigloss synthetic resin lacquer for application onto lacquer resistant primer or recoating prepared metal surfaces. Not for use on bare metal without a primer undercoat. Provides a rapid tack free and dry hard condition at temperatures lower than curing type resins.

  • A-A-3165 Lacquer, Gloss, for Aircraft Use

    This description covers a durable, pigmented, high gloss lacquer for spray or hand application on primed or prepared surfaces.

  • A-A-3183 Paint, Latex, Exterior, (for Wood and Masonry)

    This commercial item description covers an acrylic latex paint for exterior use on primed concrete, masonry, stucco, and wood. The exterior acrylic latex paint shall conform to the requirements of prohibited materials.

  • A-A-341 Pigment, Aluminum, Powder and Paste

  • A-A-344 Lacquer, Clear Gloss, Exterior, Inerior

    This description covers a water-clear, high gloss, air-drying lacquer for application by brush, wiping cloth or roller. The lacquer is intended for general interior and exterior maintenance of primed metal or unfinished sealed wood, or for recoating sanded or solvent activated compatibles finishes.

  • A-A-50272 Adhesives, Epoxy

    This Commercial Item Description (CID) covers two types of room temperature curing, plastic/metal epoxy adhesives. These epoxy adhesives are intended for bonding metal to metal, metal to plastic, plastic to plastic, and electronic components to boards or metal surfaces where excellent physical and electrical properties are required.

  • A-A-50574 Enamel, Odorless, ALKYD, Interior, Semigloss, White and Tints

    This commercial item description (CID) covers odorless, alkyd, interior semigloss enamel, non-lead, in whites and tints.

  • A-A-52495 Sealing Compound, Non-Curing, Polybutene

    This CID covers two types of mastic sealing compounds. The mastic sealants are polybutene based and non-curing.

  • A-A-52624 Antifreeze, Multi Engine Type

    This commercial item description (CID) covers the requirements for ethylene glycol-based and propylene glycol-based automotive engine antifreeze. This commercial antifreeze is to be suitable for use in all administrative vehicles, construction and materiel handling vehicles and equipment, and military ground combat and tactical vehicles and equipment.

  • A-A-56032 Ink, Marking, Epoxy Base

    This commercial item description covers a catalyzed epoxy system of marking inks for metallic or other non-porous surfaces and printed wiring boards.

  • A-A-58092 Tape, Antiseize, Polytetrafluorethylene

    The A-A-58092 commercial item description (CID) covers polytetrafluorethylene antiseize tape for use on liquid and gaseous oxygen systems.

  • A-A-59107 Toluene, Technical

    This commercial item description (CID) covers one technical grade of toluene.

  • A-A-59133 Cleaning Compound, High Pressure (Steam) Cleaner

    The A-A-59133 commercial item description (CID) covers alkaline steam cleaning compounds for use in steam cleaning machines for cleaning ferrous and nonferrous surfaces of equipment.

  • A-A-59162 Diethylenetriamine, Technical

    This commercial item description (CID) covers technical grade diethylenetriamine for use in the manufacture of Decontaminating Agent, DS2.

  • A-A-59166 Coating Compound, Nonslip (for Walking)

    This commercial slip resistant paint is used for walkways on exterior aircraft surfaces.

  • A-A-59173 Grease, Silicone

    This commercial item description (CID) covers two types of silicone greases that are intended for application as a lubricant, a sealant, and as a preservative in missile systems.

  • A-A-59260 Corrosion Removing Compound, Sodium Hydroxide Base; for Electrolytic or Immersion Application

    This commercial item description (CID) covers one type of alkaline corrosion removing compound suitable for rust removal by simple immersion of the article or by electrolytic action without causing material change in the dimensional characteristics of the treated article.