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  • A-A-267 Deodorant, General Purpose (Aerosol Air Freshener)

    This commercial item description covers an industrial aerosol air freshener to counteract malodors in occupied indoor areas such as public buildings and aircraft.

  • This MIL-I-25135 specification covers materials used in the liquid penetrant inspection of metal and nonporous, nonmetal parts for material discontinuities open to the surface. This specification is canceled. Superseded by SAE-AMS2644)

  • The MIL-PRF-25567 Type I & II covers two types of a gas leak detection compound that is compatible with oxygen. The leak detection compound is intended for use in detecting leaks in both high- and low-pressure oxygen systems in aircraft and other related oxygen systems.

  • O-A-549 Anti-Fogging Compound

    This compound covered in this specification shall be of one grade, and is intended to prevent fogging on all transparent or reflective surfaces.