Waxes and Polishes

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  • A-A-105 Polish, Metal, Brass

    This item description covers two types of combination commercial brass polishers/cleaners with tarnish preventative for use on brass and related alloys, copper, chrome, or nickel.

  • This commercial item description (CID) covers a metal polish used for polishing unpainted aluminum alloy surfaces of aircraft. The abrasive quality of this metal aluminum polish enables it to remove tarnish and produce a high lasting shine. The aluminum aircraft polish shall not be used on surfaces that are to be painted with organic coating materials, unless silicone residue is removed with xylene prior to painting.

  • MIL-P-6888 Polish, Metal, Aluminum

    This specification covers metal polish intended for use on aluminum surfaces of aircraft. This specification is canceled. Superseded by A-A-59318.

  • This specification is for canceled MIL-W-18723 waterproof, solvent type, aircraft wax polish. Now water-based.