Coating Compounds

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  • MIL-DTL-21567 Compound, Silicone, Soft Film

    This MIL-DTL-21567 specification covers one grade of silicone compound with a corrosion inhibitor for application to unpainted threaded or nonthreaded mating surfaces of ferrous components between -65 degrees Fahrenheit (degrees F) (-53.89 degrees Celsius (degrees C)) and 160 degrees F (71.1 degrees C). This industrial lubricant is also appropriate for use as a silicone lubricating compound for components fabricated from rubber.

  • The MIL-M-24041 covers the requirements of two-component, chemically cured, polyurethane compounds for the molding, encapsulating, and potting of watertight electrical connectors, cables, cable end seals, circuit boards, and other electrical components.