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  • A-A-1270 Adhesive, Polyvinyl Acetate Emulsion, General Purpose

    This A-A-1270 commercial item description covers a nonflammable, nontoxic, water based polyvinyl acetate adhesive (also known as “white glue”), that dries clear to form strong bonds on almost all porous and semi-porous materials. This adhesive is for general office or household indoor use for bonding lightweight fabrics, paper, light wood or bookbinding.

  • A-A-1936 Adhesives, Contact, Neoprene Rubber

    This A-A-1936 commercial item description covers three types of neoprene adhesive suitable for contact bonding of many materials such as leather, wood, fabrics, unglazed ceramics, wall boards and carpet to each other. It may be used to bond plastic decorative laminates to wood and metal surfaces. This glue/adhesive for neoprene rubber is intended to be applied by brush or spray.

  • A-A-2985 Adhesive, Air-Cure, Silicone Rubber

    This A-A-2985 Commercial Item Description covers a synthetic adhesive suitable for use in bonding silicone rubber to itself and to aluminum without the use of heat and pressure. The silicone rubber to aluminum glue may be either a one-part or a two-part adhesive.

  • A-A-3097 Adhesives, Cyanoacrylate, Rapid Room Temperature-Curing, Solventless

    This commercial item description covers two types of solventless, room-temperature curing, cyanoacrylate A-A-3097 adhesives for use with or without an activator when speed of curing is a primary consideration. It also covers the activator which may be used to provide even faster curing and to enable the adhesives to bond to otherwise applications requiring one-component bonding of small, well-mated surfaces where heat and/or pressure cannot be applied.

  • This Commercial Item Description (CID) covers two types of room temperature curing, plastic/metal epoxy adhesives. These epoxy adhesives are intended for bonding metal to metal, metal to plastic, plastic to plastic, and electronic components to boards or metal surfaces where excellent physical and electrical properties are required.

  • The A-A-58092 commercial item description (CID) covers polytetrafluorethylene antiseize tape for use on liquid and gaseous oxygen systems.

  • This specification is canceled. Superseded by MIL-A-48611.

  • This specification covers a liquid resin thermosetting adhesive for bond optical elements for use in military optical instruments.

  • The MIL-A-48611 specification covers elastomer modified epoxy resin adhesive bonding systems for the structural joining of optical glass prisms to metal, the sealing of glass and metal components, and for other applications requiring elastomeric epoxy bonding of a similar nature.

  • This MIL-A-5540 specification covers neoprene polychloroprene adhesives for joining neoprene coated fabric to itself and to nylon.

  • This specification is canceled. Superceded by MMM-A-134.