TT-V-109 Varnish, Interior, Alkyd-Resin


Varnish covered by this specification is a clear, air-drying varnish of the alkyd-resin type for interior use.

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Product Description

This coating is a moisture resistant phenolic-alkyd varnish for interior use.

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Military Performance Specification – TT-V-109
Technical Data Sheet (TDS) – TT-V-109C

Also Known As:

» TT-V-109
» TT-V-109A
» TT-V-109B
» TT-V-109C
» TTV109
» TT-V109
» TTV-109


Surface must be clean, dry and properly prepared before application. May be applied by brush, roll or spray. AEROSOL CANS: Vigorously shake can for one minute to to thoroughly mix coating. Shake can occasionally while spraying. Hold can approximately 12″ from surface to be painted.