MIL-DTL-15090 Enamel, Equipment, Light Gray (Navy Formula No111)


This specification covers a 250-gram per liter (maximum) (2.08 pounds per gallon [maximum]) volatile organic content (VOC) complying paint. The paint is a light gray equipment enamel paint (Navy Formula Number 111) for shipboard use as a topcoat on equipment, machinery, furniture, and electrical equipment, such as switchboard installations. The MIL-DTL-15090 may be used wherever VOC air pollution regulations apply. The light gray equipment enamel paint covered by this specification is an air dry, solvent base coating for use in all interior dry areas including applications covered by reactor plant painting schedules. This product is supplied in a single can and used as supplied without thinning.

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This machinery gray paint shall consist of the ingredients listed in table I of the Military Specification Document footnotes in the proportions shown in table I and table II of the Military Specification Document except that the amount of carbon black may be varied as necessary to meet color requirements. In addition, to assist in meeting drying times, brushing, condition in container, and storage stability requirements, driers, antisettling, antisagging, and antiskinning agents may be varied as necessary to meet the other requirements of this specification.

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Military Performance Specification MIL-DTL-15090

Technical Data Sheet (TDS)- MIL-DTL-15090D

When tested, the color shall match color number 26307 in accordance with FED-STD-595. The measured color deviation, ΔE, from color number 26307 of FED-STD-595 in Commission Internationale de l’Eclairage (CIE; International Commission on Illumination) LAB units shall not be greater than 0.5.