MIL-V-13811 Varnish, Waterproofing, Electrical, Ignition


This specification covers one grade of clear (unpigmented) varnish for use in protecting electrical circuits and engine parts of internal combustion engine.

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Product Description

MIL-V-13811D type coating is a moisture resistant varnish for the treatment of communications, electronic and related equipment. This waterproofing electrical varnish spray may also be used on tools and materials that are to be transported by ship. Dries to a smooth, hard film that resists cracking and splintering.

Note: please refer to the appropriate technical performance specification, MIL-V-13811, and applicable technical documents under the MSDS/Documents Tab.


The varnish furnished under this specification shall be a product that has been tested and passed the qualification tests specified herein and has been listed on or approved for listing on the applicable Qualified Products List. Any change in the formulation of a qualified product will necessitate its requalification. The material supplied under the contract shall be identical within manufacturing tolerances, to the product receiving qualification.

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Military Performance Specification MIL-V-13811

Technical Data Sheet (TDS)- MIL-V-13811D

Also Known As:

» MIL-V-13811
» MIL-V-13811A
» MIL-V-13811B
» MIL-V-13811C
» MIL-V-13811D
» QPL-13811


Surface must be clean, dry and properly prepared before application. May be applied by brush, roll or spray. Apply at a thickness of 0.0009 – 0.0011 inches.