DOD-P-15328 Primer (Wash), Pretreatment (Formula No 117 for Metals)


This specification covers pretreatment wash primer for use on clean metal surfaces of all types as a treatment pior to application of the coating system. The purpose of the material is to increase the adhesion of the coating system. The wash primer is not intended to be used as a permanent protective coating in itself. The materials covered by this specification is suitabie for use where air pollution regulations apply for solvents in paints.

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Military Performance Specification DOD-P-15328
Technical Data Sheet (TDS)- DOD-P-15328D

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» DOD-P-15328
» DOD-P-15328A
» DOD-P-15328B
» DOD-P-15328C
» DOD-P-15328D


Steel, Non-Ferrous Metals & Galvanizing

Surface to be coated must be clean, dry, and free of all foreign contaminants including grease, oil, dirt and paint. Clean in accordance with SSPC-SP-1. Alloys that oxidize must be lightly sanded to remove all loose material. Dirt and dust are best removed with a stiff bristle brush and by compressed air. Grease and oil should be removed by cleaning with appropriate solvents such as mineral spirits, lacquer wash thinner or xylene. For immersion service, ask your Chemsol representative for special surface preparation recommendations.



Throughly mix each component before combining. Add 2 parts T-120-66 thinner to 1 part of C-1744-66 Acid Component. Add this mixture to 4 parts of the primer (resin component) slowly while mixing. Slight additional thinning may be done with T-120-66 but NOT with the acid component. Do not mix more material than can be used in 8 hours.