MIL-L-296 Lacquer, Purple


This specification covers one type and grade of purple lacquer for sealing the flash holes of primer extension tubes and as a waterproofing agent for artillery ammunition primers. It is suitable for use in areas covered by Air Pollution Regulations.

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Product Description

A very high quality nitrocellulose lacquer with good durability and gloss. This lacquer originally was designed as an aircraft finishing material, but it is now specified wherever a quality nitrocellulose finishing lacquer is required.

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Technical Data Sheet (TDS) – MIL-L-296B

Surface Preparation:

Surface must be clean, dry and free of all contamination before application. Prime per specification requirements. STEEL: Surface must be clean and free of all oil, grease and foreign material. Badly rusted or pitted steel should be cleaned by commercial sandblasting and primed the same day.

Application & Reduction:

MIL-L-296B is best applied by spray application due to its fast dry properties. Thin with MIL-T-81772B Type III Thinner to a viscosity of 70-90 seconds through a #4 Ford Cup, or as needed for good flow for brushing. Spray one tack coat followed by one full wet coat, being sure to keep a wet edge for a smooth finish.