A-A-3003 Lacquer, Spraying, Clear and Pigmented for Interior Use


This description covers two types and classes of low vac, spray applied, clear and pigmented lacquer intended for interior use on properly prepared metal and plastic surfaces, and sealed wood surfaces.

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Product Description

A very high quality nitrocellulose lacquer for general interior use as a finishing coat over a properly prepared primed metal, plastic or sealed wood substrates. It is available in gloss and semigloss sheen, and as a pigmented or clear lacquer spray.

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Technical Data Sheet (TDS) – A-A-3003

Surface Preparation:

Surface must be clean, dry and free of all contamination before application of coating. Prime per specification requirements and/or recommendations. STEEL: Surface must be clean and free of all oil, grease and foreign material. Badly rusted or pitted steel should be cleaned by commercial sandblasting and primed the same day. WOOD: Surface must be clean and free of all contaminants. Sand apply a lacquer based sealer before application of topcoat.

Application & Reduction:

A-A-3003 should only be applied by spray application due to its fast dry properties. Thin up to one pint per gallon with MIL-T-81772B Type III Thinner, or as needed for proper atomization with spray equipment. Spray one tack coat followed by one full wet coat being sure to keep a “wet edge” for maximum gloss finish. The use of MIL-C-8514C and TT-P-1757B Primers or other recommended lacquer resistant primers are normally required for use under this lacquer topcoat.

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