MIL-E-5558 Enamel, Wrinkle-Finish, For Aircraft Use


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A bake dry, alkyd base, wrinkle finish enamel.

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Technical Data Sheet (TDS)- MIL-E-5558A


Surface must be clean, dry and free of all contamination before application.



Thin with Xylol per TT-X-916 as needed for proper atomization or flow. May be applied by spray or brush methods. A recommended alternate method uses a pre-heated oven. This method may be required for a uniform wrinkle finish, as a clean substrate and operator knowledge is very important to a proper job. Pre-heat oven to 250-300 Deg F. Spray apply the coating, then set in pre-heated oven for approximately 2 hours or until the oven cools to room temperature. The end result will vary according to expertise of the applicator, mil thickness of coating and temperature of substrate. Alternate method is to pre-heat the substrate to 250-300 Deg F, spray coating onto substrate using a heavy mil thickness. Always test this method on a spare part before going into a full production run.