A-A-59295 Corrosion Preventive Compounds, Cold Application (For New And Fielded Motor Vehicles And Trailers)


This A-A-59295 CID covers solvent dispersed corrosion preventive compound referred to herein as “compound” for spray, brush, or dip application on new and fielded motor vehicles and trailers.

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Product Description

NOX-RUST X-128 CLEAR is a thixotropic wax-based anti-corrosion coating designed to provide a long-term protective film for automotive primed or unprimed steel. This anti-rust coating for steel will dry to a tan colored, wax-like film that will repel water, self-heal, and remain flexible at low temperatures. NOX-RUST X-128 CLEAR will pass all of the requirements of Military Specifications A-A-59295, MIL-C-62218-A and MIL-C-0083933. These specifications are titled Corrosion Preventive Compound for New and Fielded Motor Vehicles and Trailers. NOX-RUST X-128 CLEAR will also pass all the requirements of SAEJ 1804 specification titled Corrosion Preventive Compound, Topside Vehicle Corrosion Protection.

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