MIL-C-10578 Corrosion Removing and Metal Conditioning Compound (Phosphoric Acid Base)


This specification covers five types of concentrated phosphoric acid rust removing and metal conditioning compound which, when diluted with water and applied to metal surfaces, will remove rust from ferrous metal surfaces and provide a slight etching action for ferrous and nonferrous metals to promote the adhesion of paint or corrosion preventives. Get a free quote on this phosphoric acid cleaner for metal today.

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Note: please refer to the appropriate technical performance specification, MIL-C-10578, and applicable technical documents under the MSDS/Documents Tab.


The compound shall be of the following types:

Type I – Wash-off
Type II – Wipe-off
Type III – Inhibited
Type IV – Nonfoaming
Type V – Immersion-tank


The compound shall have a phosphoric acid base, and shall contain no coloring agents. The phosphoric acid rust removing compound is not required to conform to definite chemical composition requirements. The manufacturer is given wide latitude in the selection of raw materials and processes of manufacture, provided that the product meets all applicable requirements of this specification. All detergents used in the manufacture of this phosphoric acid for rust removal shall be at least 80 percent biodegradable. An affidavit to this effect shall be furnished by the manufacturer with each lot of compound submitted for acceptance.

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Military Performance Specification MIL-C-10578

Also Known As:

» MIL-C-10578
» MIL-C-10578A
» MIL-C-10578B
» MIL-C-10578C
» MIL-C-10578D