MIL-C-8514 Coating Compound, Metal Retreatment, Resin-Acid (ASG)


This specification covers one type and grade of pretreatment coating for use on clean metal surface of all types as a treatment prior to application of the coating system. The smooth finish spray-type coating may also be applied by brushing, roller coating, or swabbing.

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Product Description

Metal Pretreatment Wash Primer is a two-component, zinc-chromate pigmented, polyvinyl butyral coating. It serves as an excellent bond coat to many surfaces including aluminum, galvanized metal, lead, brass, magnesium, fiberglass and ferrous metals. May also be used on blasted clean steel surfaces with some vinyl systems. This metal pretreatment chemical is available in two transparent colors; green and yellow. Meets specifications MIL-C-8514C.

Note: please refer to the appropriate technical performance specification, MIL-C-8514, and applicable technical documents under the MSDS/Documents Tab. 


The coating shall consist of ingredients conforming to the applicable specifications in the proportions shown in table one of the Military Specification sheet. The formula of the base is given slightly in excess of 100 gallons to allow for normal manufacturing loss.

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