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Chemsol celebrates compliance with ISO 9001:2000

Colonel Susan K. Grubb, Commander, DCMA Detroit, presents Chemsol, with plaque evidencing the Department of Defense’s audit approval of Chemsol’s compliance to ISO 9001:2000 quality system for the period from March 22, 2005 to March 22, 2008.

Chemsol’s B250 is specified

Chemsol’s product, CHEMSOL B250, is specified exclusively for part number ASL-RB0210-016.  This approval culminated one year of development in conjunction with The Boeing Company.   CHEMSOL B250 will be used in rocket testing as a soft-film, cold-application corrosion preventive.   This is another example of the innovative product capabilities of Chemsol.

Chemsol’s undercoating is specified

Chemsol’s product, CHEMSOL 132, a rubberized undercoating manufactured for military terrain vehicles, is specified more widely.   Read more about Chemsol 132.