Sherwin Williams - General Aviation


Private aerospace customers all over the world trust Sherwin-Williams to provide the quality coating systems and technical support they need.


There are approximately 11,000 business jets in the worldwide fleet and Sherwin-Williams Aerospace makes high performance coatings specifically for them. These aircraft are typically used to transport 20 or fewer passengers.


Helicopters are rotocraft that take off and land on a vertical basis. Their lift and thrust is supplied by one or more engine driven rotors. They are used for air ambulance and medical transport, safety and law enforcement services, media observation, tourism and recreation.


These planes are usually single or twin engine piston, propeller powered aircraft but can also be gliders, experimental home built, and light sport aircraft. Sherwin-Williams Aerospace makes high performance coatings to help maintain and restore these aircrafts.


Research and Development


High-quality coatings last longer, stay more vivid and offer easy maintenance and repair compared to lesser equability products. Sherwin-Williams Aerospace Coatings products and system certifications have undergone stringent testing and deliver a lasting protective coating.


Military Products

Military Products

Delivering a proven performance coating system for all types of general and commercial aircraft, Sherwin-Williams Aerospace Coatings also offers a comprehensive range of undercoats and topcoats for all types of military aircraft.


Commercial Products

Commercial Products

A quality paint job not only protects the plane, it also boosts an airline's brand image. An attractive, well-kept fleet is an airline's or cargo shipper's best advertisement.