blisterpacks2-2Burst Seal Packs – No Mess and No Waste

Our Burst Seal Packs are ideal for Touch-Up work. A two-component package made of clear film or foil laminates. An internal barrier keeps the components separate until intentional pressure is applied to one side of the package. The internal barrier will then burst open allowing the components to begin mixing. The Burst Seal Pack itself remains sealed while the components mix. Burst Seal Packs can be made in a wide variety of sizes.

twobottlekit2-2Two-Bottle Touch-Up Kits

Our Two-Bottle Touch-Up Kits are packaged for your convenience. Extremely simple to use; fast and easy mixing of paint or other material. Color coded labels help separate Parts A and B.

floatercup8.Floater Cup Kits

An alternative small quantity packaging option that neatly stores two components in one outer container. Reduce material waste and procure exactly the amount required.