Chemsol Waterborne (WB) Surface Primer


Chemsol Waterborne (WB) epoxy surface primer is a low odor, two component water-based, low VOC epoxy floor primer that provides excellent adhesion for Chemsol flooring and deck products on concrete, wood, tile, and other porous substrates.

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Product Description

Chemsol Waterborne (WB) Surface Primer is a low odor, low VOC, two component epoxy water-based floor primer.

The water-based floor primer provides excellent adhesion for flooring and deck products on concrete, wood, tile and other porous substrates. This low VOC epoxy floor primer is ideal for use in kitchens, hospitals, beverage plants, and places sensitive to odors during application.

We recommend using a primer as well as proper surface application with the use of all of our top coat non slip products. The application surface should be prepped and cleaned in accordance with application instructions. Surface preparation varies depending on the type of surface involved.  A primer coat is recommended for best adhesion performance. Please refer to the appropriate Chemsol primer.  There are certain cases where a primer coat is not required, e.g., certain wood applications.  Please contact us with surface preparation questions.

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