MIL-DTL-53030 Primer Coating, Epoxy, Water Based, Lead And Chromate Free


The MIL-DTL-53030 covers the requirements for a water based, air-drying, corrosion-inhibiting, epoxy type primer for pretreated ferrous and nonferrous metals. The primer is lead and chromate free and is compatible with chemical agent resistant aliphatic polyurethane topcoats. The primer contains no more than 2.8 pounds/gallon (lbs/gal) (340 grams/liter (g/l) of volatile organic compounds (VOC) and is hazardous air pollutants-free (HAP-free), as applied.

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Product Description

A two component, air dry, water reducible epoxy primer coating for ferrous and non-ferrous metals. This water based primer is compatible with chemical agent-resistant aliphatic polyurethane topcoats. TriCom’s MIL-DTL-53030D Coating is lead and chromate free. It is low VOC and HAPS’s free. This primer features water thinning and clean-up, but has comparable properties to many solvent base epoxy primers. It is available in Type II (Enhanced corrosion resistance) or Type III (Self contained portable kits of Type II material.) Get a free quote on water-based primers and coatings today.

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