Daubert Chemical


Chemsol is the exclusive worldwide distributor of anti-corrosion Nox Rust products to the Military


For the protection of metals exposed to outdoor weather conditions; for general-purpose preservation-indoor or outdoor, with or without covered protection; and for domestic and overseas shipment where a "dry-to-touch" film is required.


Recommended for extended undercover protection of internal or external surfaces of machinery and/or materials with or without use of supplementary barrier materials. It is also applicable for outdoor protection for limited periods, where metal temperatures do not reach levels that produce prohibitive flow of the corrosion preventive film. Formulated to fulfill the requirements of MIL-PRF-16173E Grade #2 Class I Specification. Also available in Aerosol (NOX RUST 502 DLS AERO).


Used for protection of critical bare steel or phosphated surfaces for extended storage periods when packaged with moisture barrier materials. Approved to MIL-PRF-16173E Grade 3, Class I.


Deposits a transparent, firm, wax-like film that is readily removable by conventionally used solvents or degreasing methods. Formulated to fulfill the requirements of MIL-PRF-16173-E, Class I, Grade #4 Specification.


A grease-type, hot dip (MIL-C-11796A, Class I & IA) type product. Provides a thin, firm, wax-like film that will not oxidize.


May be used as a pressure-gun lubricant for bearings of machines in use as well as in storage. Serves equally well as a rust preventive lubricant for axles, differentials, transmission shackle bolts and other similar parts. Meets requirements for MIL-C-11796B, CLASS III, TYPE PRODUCT.


A volatile corrosion inhibiting lubricating oil. Designed for use in the preservation of ferrous metal parts in enclosed systems. Combines the protective properties of a preservative oil with those of volatile corrosion inhibitors.