TT-E-515 Enamel, Alkyd, Lusterless, Quick-Drying


This specification covers one type and one grade of a lusterless quick drying alkyd enamal for use as a finishing coat on equipment.

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Product Description

An air dry, lusterless alkyd enamel formulated for use on primed exterior and interior metal and wood surfaces. This enamel is low “VOC’ as well as lead and chromate free, and has a quick dry time.

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Technical Data Sheet (TDS)-TT-E-515A

Surface Preparation:

Surface must be clean, dry and free of all contamination before application. Prime and apply topcoat per specification instructions. If used on previously painted surfaces, coating must be reduced and tested on a small area for compatibility with the existing coating. STEEL: Surface must be clean and free of all oil, grease and foreign material. Badly rusted or pitted steel should be cleaned by commercial sandblasting and primed the same day.

Application & Reduction:

Chemsol’s TT-E-515A Enamels can be applied by conventional or airless spray application. For spraying, thin up to 10% or as needed with Xylene. For brushing, use as is or with minimum thinning with TT-T-306C Type I Reducer.